Hawaii Island Short Term Vacation Rental (STVR) Bill 108 Adopted by Planning Department

The Hawaii County Council adopted Bill 108 in Nov 2018, regulating short term vacation rentals, or STVRs. The Bill is now Ordinance number 2018-114. According to the Planning Department website, the Ordinance will “regulate Short-Term Vacation Rentals (STVR) on Hawaii Island. The new law: 1) defines where the use will be allowed; 2) establishes provisions and standards to regulate this use; and 3) provides an avenue for an existing STVR to apply for a Nonconforming Use Certificate that would allow continued operation outside of a permitted zoning district.” Further “The Planning Department, which has been tasked with administering the provisions of Bill 108, has prepared a draft of its proposed Rule 23, to be incorporated into the Planning Department’s Rules of Practice and Procedure. This draft of Rule 23 outlines the new practices and procedures necessary to implement the provisions set forth in Bill 108.” See the county’s short term vacation rental webpage for further details.

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