Future or current real estate clients,

I have had the pleasure of working with both Linda and Ray in their role as Realtors and found the two an excellent team to both help in the sale and in the buyer side of a real estate transaction. They have thorough knowledge of the Kailua-Kona real estate market, neighborhoods, and can provide any home owner or buyer a realistic understanding of what is both available and at what value. Linda is especially skilled in understanding the staging and preparation needed to getting a home ready for the Market, Ray is great at helping prepare the finishing touches and will study a home’s features to a level of detail that will surpass the sellers. This combination of skills is unheard of in the Market. I can only say I know that once you try this dynamic duo you will be grateful that you did.

Warm regards,

Chuck Kensicki

Keauhou Estates resident

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This is my personal Review of Two Kailua Kona RE Agents I rate as EXCELLENT. Linda Martin and Ray Kester with KOA Realty.

Selling Real Estate in Hawaii can be very challenging. Therefore it is extremely important to find an Agent or Agents and Brokerage that are truly Committed to getting the job done no matter how long it takes or what the stumbling blocks are!! Such as Volcanos and Covid.

I owned an Ocean Front Property in Kailua Kona for 14 yrs., my second home. I first listed it for sale in about 2017. I listed it with 2 different Agents/Brokers and nothing happened during either of those time listing periods. The agents did not put any effort into it or invest any money marketing the property. It became very apparent to me that I had to find new agents that would truly work hard and actively find ways to market this rare and exceptional property.

That’s when a friend of mine recommended Linda and Ray. They were incredible from day one and never ever let off until the day it closed even though it took almost two more years to get past the challenges due to the Covid issues. Ray and Linda worked tirelessly daily to re stage it, keep it bright and clean and showable, they marketed it and invested in advertising it. They held Broker Open Houses to expose it to other Agents and they Showed it regularly. In the end they had 3 different buyers trying to buy it and making offers all at the same time. They handled all of them professionally and diligently throughout the process until we were able to narrow it down to the offer that best suited my goals as the seller. And then they followed up on it daily with the escrow process until it closed on time and as planned.

Over the course of my life I have bought owned and sold millions of dollar’s worth of real estate and worked with many buyer and seller Agents and Brokers and I can say without hesitation that I have never worked with any others who worked as hard and diligently as Ray Kester and Linda Martin. I highly Recommend them.
Dan Heath
Scottsdale AZ.